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Re: need help debugging cvs completion problem

>>>>> Geoff Wing <gcw@xxxxxxx> writes:

> It's incorrectly listed.  It's really 18796 (on zsh-workers).

Thank you Geoff!


I now see why _path_files was being used prior to your change to
_cvs_existing_entries back in 2003 - your form (with compadd, since
otherwise it doesn't do anything) does not handle completing files in
a subdirectory of the current directory, i.e.

% cvs annotate foo/bar<tab>

The directory prefix is getting removed in _cvs_existing_entries, is
it safe to just paste '$linedir' back on the front of the resulting

Once I figure that out, I'll resume my plan to make the analogous fix
to _cvs_modified_entries.  Would anyone be opposed to my starting by
using Bart's equivalent series of substitutions (in his followup to
18796) rather than the mother-of-all substitutions currently found
there?  I presume we're not striving to unmaintainable obfuscation, is
there some efficiency reason for the single substitution?


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