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Re: list not accepting posts?

>>>>> Phil Pennock <zsh-workers+phil.pennock@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> On 2009-07-28 at 12:10 -0400, Greg Klanderman wrote:
>> I sent a message yesterday and got a temporary failure:
>> | Final-recipient: rfc822; zsh-workers@xxxxxxxxxx
>> | Action: delayed
>> | Status: 4.1.1
>> | Diagnostic-Code: smtp;  451 4.3.5 Server configuration problem
>> | Last-attempt-Date: Tue, 28 Jul 2009 06:00:35 +0000
>> and the message has not yet been sent to the list, so this is just a
>> test message..

Interestingly my test message made it but my post from Monday seems to
be lost.  Guess I'll have to reconstruct it as I didn't save a copy.

> The list management software (qconfirm) also uses SMTP Envelope Sender
> to test for membership and does not understand BATV envelopes.  Other
> mailing-list managers use Sender:/From:/etc and so are unaffected.

That's definitely not the problem I'm having.. I've been posting just
fine all along until Monday.

> A result is that I'm having to individually confirm every message I
> send.

Just wondering - how do you have to confirm your messages?


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