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Re: PATCH: vcs_info: Set NO_warn_create_global option

On Feb 21,  9:06pm, Frank Terbeck wrote:
} > d) Suppress warn_create_global for the parameters "reply" and "REPLY"
} >    at all times.  In fact it probably ought to be suppressed for STTY
} >    and a few others in the "Parameters Used By The Shell" section of
} >    the manual.
} You're probably right that this should always apply to `reply', `REPLY'
} and the like. I don't know how to do that, though. Would you always have
} such parameters be available globally, even after an `unset'?

No, leaving them available would violates some of the other rules of
"non-special" parameters.
} Any ideas where to apply the leverage?

In Src/params.c, assignsparam() and assignaparam(), I suppose, by a
check of v->pm->node.nam against a list (which doesn't exist yet) of
parameters that don't require warnings.  I further suppose that list
could itself be controlled by a parameter, but that'd have to be
handled carefully to avoid fetching a value while setting it.

I see PWS has already applied your (a) patch from 27731, so perhaps
this discussion is moot ...

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