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Re: Mac OS X Prompt Bug

On Wed, 24 Nov 2010, Sorin Ionescu wrote:

Yes, iTerm2 does not have this problem. While unsetopt PROMPT_SP removes the %, the blank lines are still echoed. The easiest way to test this is to touch ~/.hushlogin and open Terminal.app. Notice the scrollbar.

So, PROMPT_SP is definitely not the problem. It seems the prompt is being pushed down by the blank lines. Hence why % is not being overwritten by the prompt in the screenshot.

So, figure out what's printing out the blank lines.

You mentioned /etc/zshenv. What about /etc/zshprofile or /etc/zshrc? Or maybe even /etc/profile, which is often sourced by system Zsh startup files, depending on how Zsh is distributed.

Maybe see if something is set up with hook functions:

$ functions preexec precmd chpwd periodic TRAPDEBUG

As a last resort, try to run Zsh with tracing enabled:

zsh -x  (then Ctrl-d or quit)
[produces lots of output, but maybe near the end you'll see something printing out some blank lines]

Might need: zsh -l -x
(not sure how you start your commands in OS X terminal)


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