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Re: zle messes up 'words' variable?

On Apr 28, 11:19pm, Felipe Contreras wrote:
} I saw the following reply online but I wasn't CC'ed:

I typically don't Cc on mail to the list unless the sender specifically
asks for that.  If you asked and I missed it, I apologize.

} > What may be happening is that "sticky emulation" is in effect, so
} > that when the function is autoloaded in bash compatibility mode,
} > "words" becomes non-special. If so, I'm not familiar enough with
} > bashcompinit to say whether that's intentional or an accidental
} > side-effect.
} This has nothing to do with bashcompinit, the issue is with plain
} compinit.

Your example in workers/29086 explicitly loads and runs bashcompinit.
What am I missing?

} BTW. This messes up with a very important function in bash completion:
} _get_comp_words_by_ref()

I'm now entirely confused.

I no longer believe that I know what you mean by "in bash completion."

There's no shell function _get_comp_words_by_ref anywhere in the zsh
sources.  Where is that coming from?

If what you're doing is loading functions into zsh that were written to
be used with bash's compgen, then I don't follow how you can NOT be
using bashcompinit.

Either way I have no better explanation for why #compdef and directly
calling compdef would behave differently, but I don't see any uses of
"emulate sh -c" in bashcompinit so that's probably not right.

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