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Issue with history

Hello there,

after a talk on IRC, ft asked me to report this on that mailing. Please leave the CC: so that I get answer without need to subscribe to this list.

So here are the facts, with my history file (HISTFILE=$HOME/.zsh_history) available here ( http://www.fser.lautre.net/zsh-history.txt ), 
I couldn't retrieve all the entries from my history file.

$ history  # would only produce something like 30 entries
$ history 1 # would add few entries but not much
$ wc -l ~/.zsh_history # would return 1035+ lines (I removed some on the online version)

As far as I remember, I didn't changed any parameters.
I just added the shared_history parameter right now, which explains the timestamp on the file.

After a complete flush of the file, I get a "normal" behaviour.

$ history # gives me 25 lines, didn't find that parameter though
$ history 1 # gives me commands from number 1 so everything looks ok

I don't know if this mail is a bug report, but there is definitely something I don't understand here.

Thanks for reading.


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