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Zsh on Precise Pangolin; META-FAQ does not build properly under recent yodl

I've just set up a Ubuntu 12.04 desktop.  Zsh is not a default package
on Ubuntu, apt-get installs 4.3.17 (the zsh-beta package is actually
older, only 4.3.12-dev-something).  So I decided to build zsh 5.0.0.

After installing build-essential, yodl, and some other miscellaneous
packages that Ubuntu makes it unnecessarily difficult to discover that
you need (Software Center may look like the Apple Store, but it's
nowhere near as helpful as Synaptic) I was able to configure and build
zsh from the sourceforge repository.

However, by chance I noticed that META-FAQ comes out like this:

The latest version of this META-FAQ can be found at any of the FTP sites
listed below.
Zsh was originally written by Paul Falstad <pf@xxxxxxx>.
Zsh is now maintained by the members of the zsh-workers mailing
list <zsh-workers@xxxxxxx>.  The development is currently
coordinated by Peter Stephenson <pws@xxxxxxx>.  The coordinator
can be contacted at <coordinator@xxxxxxx>, but matters relating to
the code should generally go to the mailing list.
Zsh is available from the following anonymous FTP sites.  [...]

The version of yodl available via apt-get for this distribution is
3.00.0.  The newline in the definition of sect() from META-FAQ.yo is
being lost for some reason.  I just checked my build on MacOS Lion
(which is even more of a pain to set up, because Xcode no longer
includes any of the GNU toolchain) where yodl is 2.13.2 [*] and
actually it comes out the same way there, so this may have been broken
for a while.  It's correct in the zsh tarball so PWS must have a
different version of yodl on his build host (?).

[*] This Mac started out Lion with users restored at setup time from
TimeMachine of an older SnowLeopard Mac where MacPorts had been
installed, then had Xcode installed, then was updated to Mountain Lion
and had Xcode installed again, and then had MacPorts reinstalled; so
yodl may have come from anywhere.  But yodl otherwise works, so I
haven't tried re-installing it.

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