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Re: Access to CVS

At 07:31 -0800 07 Dec 2012, Bart Schaefer <schaefer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I'm not a git power-user [*] -- is there a push-time hook that could
issue a warning if there's no sequence number in the log message?

Not currently, there's been a little bit of discussion on adding a hook that would be called before a push was done, but real progress on that last I checked.

Is there anything like "cvs admin -m" that allows you to update the log
message after the fact?

There's `git commit --amend` which allows modifying both the commit message and contents of the most recent commit. If you want to modify the message on an older commit, you can use `git rebase -i HEAD~10` to begin an interactive rebase of the 10 (or some other number) most recent commits and choose to "reword" the commit message of any of those, or even choose to "edit" any of those commits modifying both the content and message.

Either of those options involves rewriting history, so should not be done for commits that have already been made public. (But the rebase one won't change history of commits older than what you actually edit or reword, so there isn't a huge problem with choosing too big a number when beginning).

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