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Re: Access to CVS

On Dec 12,  6:25pm, Oliver Kiddle wrote:
} If there are logically separated changesets I'd post each in
} a separate mailing list message.
} > I think git-am would still work if we had something that would scan a
} > saved mail for the X-Seq: header, amend Subject and then feed that into
} > git-am.
} That only really helps when someone who doesn't have permissions to push
} to the main repository posts a patch and someone else pushes it on their
} behalf. For my own patches, I'd use git commit --amend.
} This discussion has actually convinced me that our best approach is to
} amend commit messages for the X-Seq number. Correct me if I'm wrong but
} I got the impression that was forming as the general consensus.
} It also avoids having to retrospectively add notes for all past commits
} in the repository. And it is easy to change to notes at a later point if
} we change are minds.
} I reckon we're all set to go.

I would greatly appreciate it if someone would generate a summary of the
conclusions of this discussion with all the various "recommended" steps
that one would perform, so that it could be added as a sort of how-to in

As someone only passingly familiar with git, there are subtleties and
best-practices here that I'm not yet following.

And then for everyone to agree with at least the general outline of that
that summary, before we make the switch -- which I further think should
wait until 5.0.1 has gone out.

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