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Re: PATCH: document git in Etc/zsh-development-guide

Phil Pennock wrote:
> Note that http://www.zsh.org/ appears to be down, and zsh.sunsite.dk
> does not exist in DNS, but in searching for the "Zsh Patch Archive", I
> can only find a reference to:
>   http://zsh.sunsite.dk/Patches/

All sunsite.dk links are invalid and should point to sf.net instead:


> The development guide still says to prefix patch mails with "PATCH:" for
> the patches to make it into the patch archive.  Is this still true, and
> if so where is the archive?  Or should I also change that text to permit
> "[PATCH]" and "[PATCH n/m]" per git-format-patch?

That would be good.

> +Use of Git
> +----------
> +
> +zsh has migrated from CVS to git for version control.  We have so far
> +kept our workflow unchanged; to wit:
> +
> + 1. change is developed and posted to the zsh-workers mailing list
> + 2. the zsh-workers list management software adds an X-Seq: header
> + 3. an entry is added to ChangeLog with details, including the X-Seq:
> +    header.
> +    [Open Question: should the first 6 or so characters of the commit
> +     fingerprint be included, so: "* 12345/deadbeef: frobbed the baz" ?]

How about generating the ChangeLog before releases instead of updating
it manually? I find that to be an unnecessary manual step, especially
since the same information is just one "git log" or "gitk" away. I wrote
a generation tool a while back, which I linked to a couple of times

If I am the only one who thinks that this might be useful, please tell
me, so I can keep my mouth shut about it in the future. :-)

Regards, Frank

[1] http://ft.bewatermyfriend.org/comp/genchangelog.html

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