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Re: PATCH: document git in Etc/zsh-development-guide

On 2012-12-17 at 10:59 +0100, Frank Terbeck wrote:
> All sunsite.dk links are invalid and should point to sf.net instead:
>   http://zsh.sourceforge.net/Patches/


> How about generating the ChangeLog before releases instead of updating
> it manually?

My understanding from the previous thread is that we're taking small
steps to make the transition manageable.  Notably, neither of the two
most prolific contributors to zsh (Peter and Bart) uses Git yet.

So we do things the same way they are now.  Once all the developers have
gotten a good feel for how things work with git and have internalised
the new tooling's model, _then_ we might reconsider changes to the
workflow.  For now, we let the tooling support the model that is

Peter, Bart: I was in much the same situation as you are now, when Exim
switched.  At the time, my stance was "I don't care which VCS is used, I
don't think changing VCS solves any fundamental issues with
contribution, I didn't care, but now is a good time to consider our
options" (it was an in-person meetup of the maintainers).  A couple of
people were strongly pro-git, so we went along with that.

I then spent the next couple of months swearing.  There was mutual
support on the mailing-lists as we grappled with the changes.  Our wiki
gained a couple of entries from various folks:

The one thing I'll say now:
 % git config --global user.name "Fred Bloggs"
 % git config --global user.email fred@xxxxxxxxxx

because git commits are immutable once published and you probably want
to get the correct name and address for publication set up.  You can
vary these on a per-repo basis too.


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