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Re: It's time for 5.0.1

On Sun, 16 Dec 2012, Peter Stephenson wrote:

I've uploaded zsh-5.0.0-test-1 to ftp.zsh.org in the zsh/development
directory.  If you get a chance please see if there's anything wrong
with this before I release 5.0.1.

Compile and link are fine on osx mountain lion (12.2.0) with homebrew, and ubu
12.04 32bit and 64bit.

I did run into an install problem that I have never encountered before; if it is
documented and I missed it, I apologize for the noise.

Just recently, I have begun running with a umask of 0077.  So, when the install
procedure creates new directories, the mode of the new dirs is 0077.  Since I install
as root, this creates the obvious suite of problems when running as a regular user:
permission denied errors for various shared libraries and functions (e.g. vcs_info).
To fix the install, I clean house and build from a zsh-clean environment with a
umask of 0022.

My current workaround is to force the umask to 0022 during build and install.  Would
it be appropriate to put mode setting code into mkinstalldirs?

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