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Re: Commit 137b15a fails X02zlevi test

On Feb 14,  1:17am, Jun T. wrote:
} With the Bart's zpty_flush patch in 32377, it succeeds about 50%
} on Mac but still fails 100% on FreeBSD.
} On Both systems, the failure is at
}   comptesteval 'bindkey -a "^R" redo'
}   zletest $'123\C-_\e\C-r
} and all the other tests pass.
} (if I set ZTST_verbose=3 then the above test also succeeds always).

Hmm.  This suggests a race condition where some multi-character
sequence is being mis-interpreted.  I suspect that what happens is
that terminal control sequences are being sent by the on-pty zsh
to update the display, but the pty-master zsh is consuming e.g. the
leading ESC character first, so the "terminal" ignores the rest and
leaves it to be misinterpred later by one shell or the other.

A "sleep 1" at the top of zpty_flush may take care of this.

} # I noticed that 'stty -a' shows 'reprint' is set to '^R',

We should try to avoid characters that clash with the stty controls.
comptestinit should probably clear most of those at the same time it
sets the baud rate, etc., so that the tests are free to use anything
they like (except ^M ...)  I won't be able to look at this until this
evening at the earliest.

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