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Re: ZSH Shell support - Bug with a special character

Peter Stephenson wrote:
If you don't need it, simply remove it from the start up file where it's turned on or add "unsetopt EXTENDED_GLOB" after whatever code is setting it.

One could also do `setopt NULL_GLOB`. Which would get behaviour closer to the default from bash when a glob pattern doesn't match anything. Although that can lead to getting accustomed to not quoting things that should be which could come back to bite you later.

At 22:18 +0100 28 Feb 2014, Mikael Magnusson <mikachu@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
You can also just do
% git reset HEAD~
which has the advantage of not being shifted on american keyboards,
and doesn't require escaping in zsh.

The ~ character requires shift on every American keyboard that I've ever used, and I'm an American.

While this is a suitable alternative when used by itself, and I use it myself for this very reason, it may be important to note that ~ and ^ are not equivalent if followed by a number. A trailing number is valid after either one, but the meaning is very different. And translating from ^ to ~ in that case is likely to produce a result, but not the intended result; translating the other way would be more likely to result in an error.

(As a side note, you can also do
git symbolic-ref h HEAD and then you can say git reset h~ (yes, I'm
very lazy)).

Starting with git 1.8.5, `@` is a builtin alias for HEAD.

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