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Re: zsh.org should redirect to www.zsh.org

Bart Schaefer wrote:
>Speaking of this, kind of -- the zsh.org domain registration expires in
>April of this year.  Currently registered to Andrew Main AKA Zefram,
>from whom we haven't heard in years.

I haven't followed zsh-workers in years, but a friend pointed me at
this message.

I'm aware of the impending need for renewal.  I'm intending to sort
that out, but it's not just a matter of renewing: I need to establish
new arrangements with some domain registrar.  I fell out with netwiz.net
because they started spamming, and the registrar that I'd really like to
use instead (gandi.net) turned out to be unable to talk to my credit card.
This is, if anything, actually more difficult than when I originally
registered zsh.org, back when there was only one registrar and I had to
pay with a counter cheque in foreign currency by snail mail.

I'd be happy to hand over domain admin status to Geoff, or to some other
representative of the Zsh Development Group.  It would be more sensible
for the admin to be someone more directly involved in the operations
taking place under the domain.  Also more sensible for it to be someone
who works with DNS routinely (which I don't any more) and so maintains
good relations with a registrar.


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