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FreeBSD zsh port fixes

Two issues; one an FYI, the other appears more problematic.

Saw a change flow by, affecting the FreeBSD Ports build of zsh:


Changes are to add `-DBOOL_DEFINED` to CPPFLAGS and to put
`zsh_cv_sys_path_dev_fd=no` into environ before configure.

Bug 183253:
Bug 180178:

It looks like for 183253 the FreeBSD folks are investigating the
definition of bool in the NIS sub-system but perhaps worth looking at a
fix in zsh on the same basis as the Solaris fix between curses and,
again, NIS.

For 180178, note that the FreeBSD pkg notes for bash warn to have
/dev/fd be fdescfs mounted, so if zsh requires the same as bash, we're
not in bad shape; note that if /dev/fd is not fdescfs, then it's
FreeBSD devfs and only 0, 1 and 2 will exist -- they're special-cased.
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