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BUG: ZSH freezes (on history) when systime is wrong

Last weekend I had the problem that I could no longer start a terminal/load
a tty, because
zsh was freezing on it's init.

After booting into emergency mode, and setting my shell to bash, I got
control back, and tried to narrow down the issue.
Zero'ing out parts of my config, I narrowed it down to the history
sesttings, in particular: when I changed the path to the hist file, it
loaded (and exited; because after backing up and creating a new histfile,
zsh loaded but froze on exit).

At that point I noticed the system time was messed up (propably by windows
After syncing, zsh worked fine again with the original history file.

I wonder if the history contained some timestamp in the future, which got
zsh confused.
But in any case, I thought it was a bug worth mentioning.

With regards,

Arjen Rouvoet
*a.j.rouvoet@xxxxxxxxx <a.j.rouvoet@xxxxxxxxx>*

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