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Re: zsh git completion offers different parameters then current prefix


On Sat, Aug 02, 2014 at 09:05:57PM +0200, DS wrote:
> Typing in zsh
> % git diff --ca<hit TAB>
> offers
> --cached  -1        -3        -C        -M        -R        -U
> -l        -q        -w                        -0        -2        -B
> -G        -O        -S        -b        -p        -u        -z
> so there are completions completely out of the current typed prefix.

I can reproduce this here on Debian with zsh 5.0.5 and grml's zshrc:

→ git diff --ca<Tab>
completing option
--cached      -- show diff between index and named commit
-0            -- omit diff output for unmerged entries
-1            -- diff against "base" version
-2            -- diff against "our branch" version
-3            -- diff against "their branch" version
-B            -- break complete rewrite changes into pairs of given size
-C            -- detect copies as well as renames with given scope
-D            -- omit the preimage for deletes
-G            -- look for differences whose added or removed line matches the given regex
-M            -- Detect renames with given scope
-O            -- output patch in the order of glob-pattern lines in given file
-R            -- do a reverse diff
-S            -- look for differences that add or remove the given string
-U            -- generate diff with given lines of context
-b            -- ignore changes in amount of white space
-l            -- limit number of rename/copy targets to run
-s            -- suppress diff output
-u        -p  -- generate diff in patch format
-w            -- ignore white space when comparing lines
-z            -- use NUL termination on output

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