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Re: Function for examining structure of calls in debug output

Hi, back from a few days on the road ...

On Aug 26,  5:40pm, Peter Stephenson wrote:
} You'll notice it's already confused because the return from _dispatch
} goes to _complete instead of _normal, since there are no further
} non-trivial commands in _normal, and searching back up the stack for the
} return function would mean there was no hope of it grokking recursive
} structures.  I'm not sure how much effort I can be bothered to put into
} this.  A better solution might be for a prompt escape that tracks the
} nesting level (which is trivial apart from picking a new letter).

I see you already implemented the latter idea.  An alternate / additional
idea would be to have xtrace output a "return N" expression any time a
function returns, whenever there is no explicit return statement in the
source.  The line number could be that of the closing curly brace, or
perhaps some flag value such as -1.

Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author