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Re: stty not working

On Sep 2,  2:26pm, Peter Stephenson wrote:
} [...] However, when we enter zle we call zsetterm() --- I
} think typically in zrefresh() though the logic for setting up the
} terminal seems a bit obscure --- which does...
}     /* sanitize the tty */
}     shttyinfo.tio.c_lflag |= ICANON | ECHO;
} It's not entirely clear to me we should be doing that: the rest of
} zsetterm() assigns shttyinfo to a local variable and then proceeds to
} set up for line editing using operations on that

Yes, but it appears that user-defined widgets and completion use the
global shttyinfo to re-sanitize any time there's an opportunity for
an external command to have changed something.

So we'd at least need another zle global for this.  I don't think it's
commonly enough needed to justify the change; the question that started
this thread was resolved by "unsetopt zle".

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