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Re: PATCH: evaluation depth in prompts

Bart wrote:

> Here's a related idea/suggestion which adds indentation to the output
> of _complete_debug.  There's no convenient way to produce ${(%):-%e}

Seems a useful idea and at worst, horizontally scrolling get used when
viewing the output.

> If completion goes more than 20 function calls deep there's probably
> something wrong anyway.

Or if it does, then it doesn't especially matter that indentation simply
stops at this limit: it's arguably a feature rather than a limitation.

> I couldn't decide whether to put the indentation after the leading "+"
> or before it.  This has it before.

When viewing _complete_debug output, I nearly always use the less
feature to filter lines using &pattern, often using a pattern such as
\+_expand to filter by a particular function. With that in mind,
indentation before is more helpful.

> +  local -a debug_indent; debug_indent=( '%'{3..20}'(e. .)' )
> +  local PROMTP4 PS4="${(j::)debug_indent}+%N:%i> "

Note the typo for PROMPT4.


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