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Re: Misc patches for git completion and vcs_info

On Sep 12, 11:30pm, Marc Finet wrote:
} Below is a list of patches that i added in my current zsh (based on
} tonight's master). Please consider them for review as my zsh-level is
} currently very low (e.g. patch 2) and i might have broken other use-cases
} (patch 4 for instance makes me a little bit nervous as it seems to easy).

(I think you left out the list.)

I'll leave it to one of the people who more regularly messes with VCS_Info
to apply these, but here's my brief take on each of them:

[PATCH 1/9] vcs_info examples: fix typo

 - no issues with this one

[PATCH 2/9] completion git: support aliases when \n exist

 - looks OK, but my "git config" foo is too weak to assess

PATCH 3/9] vcs_info git: detect revert or cherry-pick with multiple commits

 - no issues

[PATCH 4/9] vcs_info git: set rrn before using it

 - seems pretty obvious

[PATCH 5/9] vcs_info quilt: fix standalone detection

 - I'm not sure this is correct; do we need to differentiate (( $# == 1 ))
   from [[ -z "$2" ]] ?

[PATCH 6/9] vcs_info quilt: fix unapplied detection on sub-directory

 - $(basename $patches) can be replaced with ${patches:t}

[PATCH 7/9] vcs_info git: fix applied-string name

 - seems pretty obvious

[PATCH 8/9] vcs_info git: consider patches for rebase

 - needs git foo currently beyond me to confirm correctness

[PATCH 9/9] completion git: fix send-email --confirm values

 - no issues

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