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Re: Misc patches for git completion and vcs_info

Hey Marc,

Marc Finet wrote:
> Below is a list of patches that i added in my current zsh (based on
> tonight's master). Please consider them for review as my zsh-level is
> currently very low (e.g. patch 2) and i might have broken other use-cases
> (patch 4 for instance makes me a little bit nervous as it seems to easy).

I'll take a look at the vcs_info related ones as soon as I can; most
look straightforward, though. I'm so far only unsure about the patches
that touch the quilt backend (well, and the big one, 8/9, which I didn't
look at, yet, at all).

git-completion patches: The one about _confirm vs. _confirm_values is
correct, since __git_sendemail_confirm() doesn't even exist.

The one about the alias completion, is a bit more complex, obviously. I
don't have multi-line aliases set in my git-configuration, so I'll take
your word for it. :-)

Regards, Frank

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