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Re: [PATCH 6/9] vcs_info quilt: fix unapplied detection on sub-directory

On Sun, 14 Sep 2014 11:47:55 +0200
Frank Terbeck <ft@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Marc Finet wrote:
> > When being in a subdirectory of a "repo" being handled with quilt,
> > the `quilt unapplied` command returns all the patches because
> > QUILT_PATCHES is an absolute path (which exists and is a dir) and
> > quilt considers that .pc should in current directory.
> > Changing quilt might be overkill and it seems that QUILT_PATCHES
> > should just be a name, not an absolute path.
> [...]
> > -        unapplied=( ${(f)"$(QUILT_PATCHES=$patches $quiltcommand
> > --quiltrc /dev/null unapplied 2> /dev/null)"} )
> > +        unapplied=( ${(f)"$(QUILT_PATCHES=$(basename $patches)
> > $quiltcommand --quiltrc /dev/null unapplied 2> /dev/null)"} )
> You can't do it like this. With debian-packages for example, quilt
> patches live in ‘debian/patches’, which the ‘basename’ call would trim
> down to ‘patches’.
> If you do need special QUILT_PATCHES treatment, you can set a
> ‘quit-patches-dir’ style; if the treatment needs to be fancy, you can
> also set the style to a function, which opens up the door to whatever
> you like.

Hum, I can't remember on which quilt settings the problem occurred (I
should have explained it on the commit message more), but I
have seen the debian/patches on a few places. I need to re-test all the
places i have quilt to be sure of the intended behavior. Please drop
this patch as there is still a problem with debian/patches as with this
patch vcs_info reports twice the number of patches (they appear both in
applied and unapplied, i.e. the problem I tried to fix).


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