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_quilt (was Re: rsync --progress stops completion)

> _quilt - returns 0 even when it finds no completions, breaking the
>  zstyle fallback I suggested.

The updated function below fixes this and much else besides. I've just
included the function as-is instead of a patch because there aren't
really any unchanged lines.

This also effectively backs out the change from 29624 (d557905e). That
used _message in the case of there being no matches. We have a more
general mechanism for this (set the format style with the warnings tag).

_quilt was actually using 2>&1 for no apparent reason in the
_call_program call.


#compdef quilt

local curcontext="$curcontext" state line 
local help="(- : *)-h[show help information]"
local verbose='(-h)-v[verbose, more user friendly output]'
local color='(-h)--color=[use syntax coloring]:color:(always auto never)'
local pstyle='(-h)-p+[select patch style]:patch style:((0\:exclude\ top-level\ directory 1\:use\ .orig\ on\ top-level\ directory ab\:use\ a\ or\ b\ as\ top-level\ directory))'
local -a pform rcfile
  '(-U -c -C -h)-u[create a unified diff]'
  '(-u -c -C -h)-U+[create a unified diff with num lines of context]:lines'
  '(-u -U -C -h)-c[create a context diff]'
  '(-u -U -c -h)-C+[create a context diff with num lines of context]:lines'
typeset -A opt_args

_quilt_applied() {
  local expl
  _wanted -V patches expl patch compadd \
    ${(f)"$(_call_program patches quilt $rcfile applied)"}

_quilt_series() {
  local expl
  _wanted -V patches expl 'patch' compadd \
      ${(f)"$(_call_program patches quilt $rcfile series)"}

_quilt_unapplied() {
  local expl
  _wanted -V patches expl 'unapplied patch' compadd \
     ${(f)"$(_call_program patches quilt $rcfile unapplied)"}

_arguments $help \
  '--trace[run the command in bash trace mode]' \
  '--quiltrc=[use the specified configuration file]:files:_files' \
  '--version[print the version number and exit]' \
  ':quilt command:(add annotate applied delete diff edit files fold fork graph
    grep header import mail new next patches pop previous push refresh remove
    rename revert series setup snapshot top unapplied upgrade)' \
  '*:: :->subcmd' && return

[[ -z $state ]] && return 1
rcfile=( ${opt_args[--quiltrc]:+--quiltrc=${opt_args[--quiltrc]}} )
case $words[1] in
    _arguments -S $help \
      '-P+[specify patch to add files to]:patch:_quilt_applied' \
      '*:files:_files' && return
    _arguments $help \
      '-P[stop checking for changes at the specified rather than the topmost patch]:patch:_quilt_series' \
      ':files:_files' && return
  applied) _arguments $help ':quilt series:_quilt_series' && return ;;
    _arguments -s $help \
      '(:)-n[delete the next patch after topmost]' \
      '-r[remove the deleted patch file from the patches directory as well]' \
      '--backup[rename the patch file to patch~ rather than deleting it]' \
      '(-n):patch:_quilt_series' && return
    _arguments -s $help $pstyle $pform $color \
      "--no-timestamps[don't include file timestamps in patch headers]" \
      "--no-index[don't output Index: lines]" \
      '(-P --snapshot)-z[show changes relative to the topmost or specified patch]' \
      '-R[create a reverse diff]' \
      '(-z --snapshot)-P[create a diff for the specified patch]:patch:_quilt_series' \
      '--combine[create a combined diff for all patches between this patch and the patch specified with -P]:patch:_quilt_series' \
      '(-P -z)--snapshot[diff against snapshot]' \
      '--diff=[use the specified utility for generating the diff]:diff utility:_command_names -e' \
      '--sort[sort files by name]' \
      '*:files:_files' && return
  edit) _arguments $help '*:files:_files' && return ;;
    _arguments -s $help $verbose \
      '-a[list all files in all applied patches]' \
      '-l[add patch name to output]' \
      '--combine[create a listing for all patches between this patch and the topmost or specified patch]::patch:_quilt_series' \
      ':patch:_quilt_series' && return
    _arguments -s $help \
      '-R[apply patch in reverse]' \
      '-q[quiet operation]' \
      '-f[force apply]' \
      '-p+[specify number of pathname components to strip]:components to strip' && return
  fork) _arguments $help ':patch name' && return ;;
    _arguments $help \
      '--all[include all applied patches and their dependencies]' \
      '--reduce[eliminate transitive edges from the graph]' \
      '--lines=-[compute dependencies by looking at lines patches modify]::number of lines' \
      '--edge-labels=files[label graph edges with file names that adjacent patches modify]' \
      '-T ps[produce a PostScript output file]' \
      ':patch:_quilt_series' && return
  grep) _grep && return ;;
    _arguments $help \
      '(-r -e -h)-a[append to existing patch header]' \
      '(-a -e -h)-r[replace existing patch header]' \
      '(-a -r -h)-e[edit the header in $EDITOR]' \
      '--strip-diffstat[strip diffstat output from the header]' \
      '--strip-trailing-whitespace[strip trailing whitespace at the end of lines of the header]' \
      '--backup[create backup copy of patch with tilde suffix]' \
      ':patch:_quilt_series' && return
    _arguments $help \
      '-p+[number of directory levels to strip when applying]:quilt select strip-level: ' \
      '-R[apply patch in reverse]' \
      '-P+[patch filename to use inside quilt]:quilt select patch filename: ' \
      '-f[overwrite/update existing patches]' \
      '-d+[header resolution when overwriting in existing patch]:resolution:((a\:all\ headers n\:new\ headers o\:old\ headers))' \
      '*:files:_files' && return
    _arguments $help \
      '(-h -M)-m[introduction text to use]:introduction text' \
      '(-h -m)-M[read introduction text from file]:file:_files' \
      '--prefix=[use an alternate prefix in the bracketed part of the subjects generated]:quilt select prefix: ' \
      '--mbox=[store all messages in the specified file in mbox format]:files:_files' \
      '--send[send the messages directly]' \
      '--sender=[specify envelope sender address to use]:sender:_email_addresses -c' \
      '--from=[from header]:address:_email_addresses' \
      '--subject=[subject header]:subject' \
      '*--to=[append a recipient to the To header]:recipient:_email_addresses' \
      '*--cc=[append a recipient to the Cc header]:recipient:_email_addresses' \
      '*--bcc=[append a recipient to the Bcc header]:recipient:_email_addresses' \
      '--signature=[append specified signature file to messages]:files:_files' \
      '--reply-to=[add reply address to message]:address:_email_addresses' \
      '*:patch:_quilt_series' && return
  new) _arguments $help $pstyle ':patch name' && return ;;
  next) _arguments $help ':patch:_quilt_series' && return ;;
  patches) _arguments -S $help $verbose $color '*:files:_files' && return ;;
    _arguments -s $help $verbose \
      '-a[remove all applied patches]' \
      '-f[force remove]' \
      '-R[always verify if the patch removes cleanly]' \
      '-q[quiet operation]' \
      ':patch:_quilt_applied' && return
  previous) _arguments $help ':patch:_quilt_series' && return ;;
    _arguments $help $verbose $color \
      '-a[apply all patches in the series file]' \
      '-q[quiet operation]' \
      '-f[force apply, even if the patch has rejects]' \
      '--fuzz=[set the maximum fuzz factor]:factor [2]' \
      '--merge=[merge the patch file into the original files]::merge scheme:(merge diff3)' \
      '--leave-rejects[leave around the reject files patch produced]' \
      ':quilt unapplied:_quilt_unapplied' && return
    _arguments -s $help $pstyle $pform \
      '-z-[create a new patch containing the changes instead of refreshing the topmost patch]::new patch name' \
      '--no-timestamps[do not include file timestamps in patch headers]' \
      '--no-index[do not output Index: lines]' \
      '--diffstat[add a diffstat section to the patch header, or replace the existing diffstat section]' \
      '-f[enforce refreshing of a patch that is not on top]' \
      '--backup[create a backup copy of the old version of a patch as patch~]' \
      '--sort[sort files by their name instead of preserving the original order]' \
      '--strip-trailing-whitespace[strip trailing whitespace at the end of lines]' \
      ':patch:_quilt_series' && return
    _arguments $help \
      '-P[patch to remove]:patch:_quilt_series' \
      '*:file:_files' && return
    _arguments $help \
      '(-h)-P[patch to rename]:patch:_quilt_series' \
      ':new name' && return
    _arguments $help \
      '-P[revert changes in the named patch]:patch:_quilt_series' \
      '*:files:_files' && return
  series) _arguments $help $verbose $color && return ;;
    _arguments $help $verbose \
      '-d[specify path prefix for resulting source tree]:prefix:_files -W / -P /' \
      '--sourcedir[specify location of package sources]:directory:_directories' \
      '--fuzz=[set the maximum fuzz factor]:factor' \
      ':files:_files' && return
  snapshot) _arguments $help '-d[only remove current snapshot]' && return ;;
  unapplied) _arguments $help ':patch:_quilt_series' && return ;;
  top|upgrade) _arguments $help && return ;;

return 1

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