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Re: [Bulk] PATCH: safe numeric import

Peter Stephenson wrote:
> OK, how about this?  When we're doing the import, all numbers, integer
> or floating point, are imported straight, without an evaluation.
> Sticking numbers into the environment to be evaluated later doesn't
> make a lot of sense.

This looks like a good approach. 

> Currently we suppress all errors from parameters at this stage, though
> we could make a special case and output errors when we truncate a
> numeric import because we ignored anything after an initial constant.

I think it's better not to have error messages because of anything
in the environment. Just sanitise as we see fit and then get on with
things. By the way, the example I had for readonlys such as status is
wrong: error's from the outer shell - I should have used env. For
functions, the error occurs later in module.c when it tries to add the
normal functions parameter so is harder to avoid.


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