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Re: 5.0.7 uploaded

Peter Stephenson wrote:

> Presumably this isn't happening with 5.0.6?  In that case we'll need to
> narrow it down to a change.

I'm pretty certain it didn't happen with 5.0.5 when I tested it; I'll start
narrowing it down.

Oliver Kiddle wrote:

> Which exact version of Solaris and which compiler (including version)
> are you using? Any particular configure options? sparc or x86, 32 or
> 64-bit?
> Have you got it picking up local versions of any libraries such as
> ncurses: either built from source or from something like opencsw.

Solaris 12 development, Solaris Studio 12.3, on x86, 64-bit.  I'll try it
on an 11.2 machine as well, in case there's anything in the OS that might
have caused this.

> Not without more information: the test passes for me on Solaris.

Good to know that, at least, thanks.

Bart Schaefer wrote:

> Any chance you have an /etc/zshenv with e.g. fpath changes that might be
> getting picked up by the test shell?

Nope, no global zshenv.  I've avoided shipping that for reasons just like


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