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cvs completion problem in zsh-5.0.7


after updating from zsh-5.0.6 to zsh-5.0.7, cvs completion does not work
anymore on my system (up-to-date Gentoo Linux~amd64)

With 5.0.7:
% cvs a<tab>
cvs command
ad   adm  ann
% cvs add new<tab>
unknown cvs command: add

While in 5.0.6:
% cvs a<tab>
cvs command
add       -- add a new file/directory to the repository
admin     -- administration front end for rcs
annotate  -- show last revision where each line was modified
% cvs add new<tab>
completes correctly in:
% cvs add new-file.txt

I ran a git bisect and ended up with 5a2668a6ac1c:
    33223: discard stderr except when _complete_debug is in progress.

Reverting it did get the old behaviour back. I have not seen any
other side-effects until I patched my system zsh

ps: I am not subscribed to the mailing list

Bernard Cafarelli (Voyageur)
Gentoo developer (NX, GNUstep, net-misc, llvm/clang, ...)

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