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reproducing release tarball for 5.0.7


Given a clean repository checkout, what is needed to be able to create
the release tarballs for verification please?


Since there are no PGP signatures on releases, only an MD5SUM file which
is auto-updated, the process I documented at $workplace for verifying
the integrity of a zsh release tarball has us recreate the release
tarball and diff the results.  (We then generate a SHA256 of the release
tarball, which is propagated in our package system, so future builders
get the same download).  This at least lets us tie the tarball to what's
in git, so that we have a reliable history to back the tarball artifact.

    git checkout zsh-5.0.7
    git clean -fx .
    ( export LC_ALL=C; ./configure && make targz-src )

At this point, I can't tell if this is a regression in zsh or just that
by adding the `git clean -fx` to remove ignored files, to try to
reproduce my first failure, I've exposed that the tarball creation
process has missing dependencies?

First failure:
  ./Util/mkdisttree.sh: can't find file ./Doc/Zsh/manmodmenu.yo

Switch to:

    ( export LC_ALL=C; ./configure && make && make targz-src )

Second failure:
  Processing directory ./Doc/help...
  mkdir /home/pdp/src/zsh/code/zsh-5.0.7/./Doc/help
  chmod 755 /home/pdp/src/zsh/code/zsh-5.0.7/./Doc/help
  ./Util/mkdisttree.sh: can't find file ./Doc/help/ChangeLog

Trying `make targz-doc` first is currently failing because I don't have
TeX on this MacOS box (yet) and ended up removing it a while back on my
FreeBSD box (because I run it nox11 and this just creates problems with
the only currently supported TeX install system).

Thus the question at the top.


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