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Re: bug with completion in quotes

On Oct 12, 12:37am, Oliver Kiddle wrote:
} Subject: bug with completion in quotes
} % : $'<tab>x
} utils.c:5893: BUG: unterminated $' substitution

Hrm.  Comments say:

 * and GETKEY_UPDATE_OFFSET are present in "how", the string is not
 * expected to be terminated (this is used in completion to parse
 * a partial $'...'-quoted string) and the length passed back is
 * that of the converted string.

And later, right at the point of that DPUTS:

     * When called from completion, where we use GETKEY_UPDATE_OFFSET to
     * update the index into the metafied editor line, we don't necessarily
     * have the end of a $'...' quotation, else we should do.

However, as far as I can tell nothing ever passes GETKEY_UPDATE_OFFSET
in any circumstances, completion or otherwise.

Adding that flag to the call near zle_tricky.c:1733 silences this warning,
but that can't be correct as GETKEY_UPDATE_OFFSET expects to deref the
"misc" parameter which is NULL in that call.

There are also places in utils.c where comments appear to mean that
GETKEY_UPDATE_OFFSET tests need to be added, but there are none.  I
think we've uncovered someone's unfinshed work.

} % : $'<tab>x'
} zle_tricky.c:666: BUG: 0 <= wb <= zlemetacs <= we is not true!

Examining in the debugger we have

(gdb) p wb
$2 = 2
(gdb) p zlemetacs
$3 = 1
(gdb) p we
$4 = 3

I think this is an off-by-one error happening because dollar-tick is
two characters being treated as a solitary quote, but I don't know
where to fix it.

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