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Re: Drat, Test/A05 still hanging sometimes

On Oct 14, 11:34am, Axel Beckert wrote:
} One build failure so far (four slower/busier architectures still
} outstanding), but it happened on the architecture where it happened
} the most often so far (kfreebsd-amd64). It was inside A05, but not at
} the above location but at the test starting at line 179

At that point there should be exactly one child process (the sleep
that is being killed), so there shouldn't be any confusion between
waiting for a foreground job and waiting for that background job.

So it must somehow be the case that the SIGCHLD has been received
(post-kill) but the jobtab state of the sleep process did not get
properly updated; and now zsh is in an infinite (but not busy, as
it stops each pass in sigsuspend()) loop looking for a new SIGCHLD
followed by a state change of that process, which is never going to

I'll be curious to see if the patch from 33531 changes this at all.

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