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Re: Crash after interrupting tab-completion with Ctrl-\

On Oct 27,  1:38am, Vincent Lefevre wrote:
} With zsh 5.0.7 (Debian package), I did a tab-completion, which
} generated endless output (I don't know why, and I don't remember the
} command). I typed Ctrl-\ to interrupt it (Ctrl-C had no effect), but
} zsh immediately crashed (the terminal disappeared as a consequence).

That's curious, because just with some simple tests (a completer that
contains a sleep) I'm not able to get ctrl-\ to do anything, but ctrl-C
interrupts the completion.

In fact even with a trap on QUIT in place, the stty quit character does
not seem to do anything until an external process is in the foreground.

I don't see anything in your .zcomp that looks likely to affect this,
so unlss you manage to remember what command you were completing for,
we may not get very far.

Can you check whether $^fpath/_call_program(N[1]) seems to contain the
patch from workers/33403 ?

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