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Re: PATCH: visual line mode

Bart wrote:
> If I ever knew what "visual mode" means in this context, I have managed
> to forget it.  Could you remind me?

The visual mode is a vim feature analagous to the region in emacs or the
selection in typical MS Windows applications. The name "visual" probably
resulted from v being one of the few keys that vi doesn't use.

In vim, press v and then move the cursors (or hjkl if you prefer). Text
is highlighted. You can also extend the selection with other vi movement
commands: w, b, G etc. If you now press a normal vi operator: y for
yank, d for delete, c for change then instead of waiting for a movement
command, it will operate on the selected text.

The linewise mode selects only whole lines, by default bound to
uppercase V. Some text editors do something like this if you
double-click with the mouse. vim also has a blockwise mode for
rectangular selections.


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