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Re: 'whence' question and others

On 11/10/2014 12:20 AM, Bart Schaefer wrote:

If you build from the parent directory, configure will be (re)run when necessary by "make". Also in that case, the documentation will be rebuilt when the .yo files are changed.

Is there a decent doc for 'configure', what it does, how it works? I see the msg. scroll by, and they are mostly about what is and isn't available. One can easily understand that there'd be a check for essential stuff, but it seems do do much more than that. What makes
a reconfigure necessary?

What exactly do you mean by "function help"? The documentation for the library functions? On most linux systems "info libc" will probably work

Tx.  Once I got the proper name of the lib from that the rest was easy.

If you configure with --enable-zsh-debug then a function dputs() is available which writes messages to the file named by the $ZSH_DEBUG_LOG parameter. It's kind of a stripped-down printf() which accepts only a few %-formats: %s = string, %d = int, %L = long, %c = char (including multibyte), %e = error number [for strerror()], and %l which is for non-nul-terminated strings and accepts two arguments, the char* and the number of bytes to print. If you want to leave some kind of tracing on during normal use, I would recommend using dputs() and setting $ZSH_DEBUG_LOG. There are also a set of DPUTS() macros which are sort of like assert() wrappers for dputs(). Something akin to the above paragraph ought to be in zsh-development-guide somewhere.

Good, some nice robust methods.

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