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Re: zsh history bug ?

Am 2014-11-05 um 01:12 schrieb Bart Schaefer:
> On Nov 4, 2014 3:27 PM, "Bernhard Tittelbach" <xro@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> # Then I get the last command from the history by using <arrow up>
>> # but strangley some chars seem to have moved and the CL looks like this
>> % dtc -E all -I ts  tst.dtss -O tb  -o est.dtbb<enter>
> If possible, please try this in a newer version of the shell.  It sounds
> very much like something that was fixed within the past several months.
> (The current zsh version is 5.0.7.)

I've been working a few days with 5.0.7 now and can report the following:

1) I seem to encounter the bug less often
2) The bug, or a variant thereof is still present


% mkdir -p libs/jquery
% cd <Alt>.
resulted in
% cd lib/jquuery

When I previously encountered the bug, I believe only the lookup from
history was garbled, i.e. the contents of .zsh_history were fine.
I'll have to confirm this on a different system though.

Now the .zsh_history definitely holds a garbled version of the executed
command line:

% ls
% ls libs/
% tail  ~/.zsh_history | grep mkdir
: 1415928181:0;mkdir -p lib/jquuery

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