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Re: BUG?: Konsole: ZLE_RPROMPT_INDENT swallows last PS1 character

On Nov 22, 10:49pm, kp-pav@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
} Anybody knows whether this is zsh or konsole bug and how to fix it?
} Fish has no such problem, so I would assume zsh.

Fish, as I understand it, does full-screen terminal management.  Zsh does
only the minimum to manage the lines occupied by the input buffer, and
leaves the rest of the display alone.

This means that zsh may be affected by terminal auto-scrolling (or lack
thereof) at the ends of lines or in the lower right corner, in ways that
a program designed to track the entire screen is not.  This is not a bug,
it's a deliberate design decision, and if what you want is fish then you
should use fish.

The fix is to NOT set ZLE_RPROMPT_INDENT=0.  The variable exists so you
can use it to override zsh if it guesses wrong about where it's safe to
put the rprompt; it seems that for konsole it had guessed correctly.

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