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Re: PATCH: default vi-mode key bindings

On 05/12/14 09:46 -0800, Ray Andrews wrote:
On 12/05/2014 05:26 AM, Oliver Kiddle wrote:

The type of person that would affect would need to like vi-style
editing enough to use it in zsh without having ever been tempted
into learning vim. Plenty of people use vi for quick edits from the

Pardon my absolute ignorance about what you guys are talking about.
Can someone give me some idea?  vi is an editor that Martians like,
because it helps if you have three arms, yes?  And Venusians like
emacs because the suckers on their tentacles can hit Ctrl+Alt+Esc+L+A
very easily.  And they have wars over it.  vi has insert mode and
command mode and such.  Ok, but is any of that actually used at the
command line?  Does anyone need/use 'command mode' when typing a
simple command?

   $ grep "The falcon cannot hear the falconer;" /Yeats/*

What would one do with command mode there?  Editing a novel, of
course, but a command line?  Or does this mean that zsh somehow butts
itself right in to vi so that when editing a novel, 'vi-style' as set
by zsh is somehow active?  Is that polite?  And then there's vim mode
too but that's different from vi mode?  I'm missing something
fundamental here.

Please keep the holy wars off list.

Yes, vi mode gets used. I use command mode a lot (These fingers only know how
to vi). The mere existance of the feature and the people working on it should
be self evident.

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