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Re: [BUG] Unicode variables can be exported and are exported metafied

On Thu, 18 Dec 2014, Bart Schaefer wrote:

> Are we sure it's even "legal" to export Unicode variable names?  Internally
> we can kinda ignore POSIX as we choose, but the environment crosses those
> boundaries.

Independend of being 'legal' to me it seems dangerous!

Comparing the 'working as written' example:

~$ M='surprise; : ' MÄRCHEN=story sh -c 'echo $MÄRCHEN'

to running it with all the other shells I keep around
(bash, dash, ash, sash - untested ksh and csh)
you always get:

~$ M='surprise; : ' MÄRCHEN=story bash -c 'echo $MÄRCHEN'
surprise; : ÄRCHEN

Which gives interesting new ways to introduce security-sensitive
changes into environments by letting a Program check the
UTF8-named-Variable for its contents, but really inserting data
by the broken-part-name, which might be passed unchecked!



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