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Re: A05execution.ztst fails on Cygwin

On Sat, 3 Jan 2015 12:54:21 +0200
İsmail Dönmez <ismail@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Using latest git;
> ./A05execution.ztst: starting.
> This test takes 5 seconds to fail...
> Pattern match failed:#######
> <\[<->\] <-> <->
> >[8] 3212 4644
> >[6]  - 2456 running    sleep 1000

That's a bit funny.  It appears to be saying the string
"[8] 3212 4644" doesn't match the pattern '\[<->\] <-> <->'.  Are
you able to reproduce this from the command line?

  str='[8] 3212 4644'
  pat='\[<->\] <-> <->'
  [[ $str = ${~pat} ]] || print Pattern failed to match 

Actually, looking at it more closesly, the problem may be that somehow
the ### output that shows the time being taken have got mixed in with
standard output from the test itself.

It looks like you can turn off hask marks when output is verbose.  Does

ZTST_verbose=1 make TESTNUM=A05

work any better?

> While running make check I noticed that V08zpty.ztst was hanging. Turns out
> that second part of the test is hanging. The minimal reproducer is:
> zmodload zsh/zpty
> zpty cat cat
> print a line of text | zpty -w cat
> var=
> zpty -r cat var && print -r -- ${var%%$'\r\n'}
> zpty -d cat # <--- HANGS
> I am not sure if Cygwin is a supported platform but any help would be
> appreciated.

We don't have the resources to differentiate betwen "supported" and
"unsupported," we just have to try to fix problems as they turn up as
best we can wherever they turn up.  Cygwin gets less love and attention
than more standard Unix-like platforms.  In the case of zpty you may be
onto a loser: it's hard enough on most systems and worse here.  I'm
aware of historical problems with <(...) and >(...) substitutions, too.

I would expect the first problem you reported to be tractable, though.


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