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Re: A05execution.ztst fails on Cygwin

On Sat, 3 Jan 2015 19:29:25 +0000
Peter Stephenson <p.w.stephenson@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On Sat, 3 Jan 2015 12:54:21 +0200
> İsmail Dönmez <ismail@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > Using latest git;
> > 
> > ./A05execution.ztst: starting.
> > This test takes 5 seconds to fail...
> > Pattern match failed:#######
> > <\[<->\] <-> <->
> > >[8] 3212 4644
> > >[6]  - 2456 running    sleep 1000
> That's a bit funny.  It appears to be saying the string
> "[8] 3212 4644" doesn't match the pattern '\[<->\] <-> <->'.

Ah --- just woke up and looked in more detail at the test and your
output as I should have done before.

The test runs "jobs -l" at the end; it expects the job will have
exited.  Indeed it (%8) has, but another job (%6) is still running.
That's presumably what's causing the failure (though the error message
is a bit unhelpful, which is probably my fault).

It's likely to be a job started by this test:

  sleep 1000 &
  print $?
  kill $!
0:Status reset by starting a backgrounded command

So what failed is that "kill $!".  In this case, job control is probably
off, though we do monkey with MONITOR in various tests so that may not
be guaranteed.  $! should be set, and kill should work, regardless of
job control.  In principle there's a good deal less to go wrong here
than stuff involving job control and ptys...

> Actually, looking at it more closesly, the problem may be that somehow
> the ### output that shows the time being taken have got mixed in with
> standard output from the test itself.

I suspect that's just a side effect of Cygwin/Windows terminal handling,


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