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Re: PATCH: hist: remove wrong NULL terminator

On 01/09/2015 02:30 PM, Peter Stephenson wrote:

Bart already answered this once. There is no "magic away problems with the force of my intellect" in programming any more than anywhere else.

Indeed not.
There are things that happen to show up in real life; there's painstaking use of tools as Mikael is doing;

Yes, it seems like fantastic work to me.
and there are things you happen to notice because you were in the area. The same is true of pretty much all software apart from the very small subset that can be proved mathematically correct (and even that's only necessarily true of the representation of the software in the form you're looking at). The next best step is to use a better language than C. I wasn't entirely joking when I talked about D, but it's not an option for us. pws

Yeah, don't take it as me being bitchy Peter, it really is a question, not a veiled comment. As I've learned, zsh is not a huge corporation (like I thought it would be), and there's always been more coders than testers. And power seems to be valued above simplicity, and the code is 'layered' very heavily which makes things difficult to understand. Still, seeing an assignment to what turns out to be a dangling pointer (if I'm saying that correctly) raises my eyebrows. In the culture I come from, a good tester is valued above a good coder. It's me who has to adapt of course.

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