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Re: Anyone want to help make zsh/db/gdbm work?

On Jan 30,  7:21pm, Bart Schaefer wrote:
} However, this raises the question of whether the resulting parameter
} should also be readonly.

I meant to add:

If it ISN'T, then you can add/change fields of the hash but they are
NOT copied to the database, which could be an interesting feature or
could just be confusing.

Also there's a question of how often the database should be written.
With memory-mapped arrays the writes are effectively instantaneous,
but as presently implemented ztie database files aren't updated until
the parameter is unset.  If this is going to remain this way and the
parameter is not readonly, should failure to write be noisy or silent?

(That question is also affected by the file modes of the database file
if it already exists at the time of ztie-ing.)

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