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Re: completion problem with '291' ok with '274'.

On Feb 10,  7:39pm, Ray Andrews wrote:
} No, just plain 'zsh'.  I'm running my standard setup, not sure what 
} details are relevant.  compinit yes, as always.
} styles:

OK, with those settings the first thing you should see (on the first TAB)
is something like:

torch% ./zsh
Completing executable file or directory
zsh*              zsh-5.0.3*        zsh-5.0.5*        zsh.old*
zsh-5.0.2-dev-0*  zsh-5.0.4*        zsh-5.0.7*

The second TAB does nothing because it is selecting the first match in
the list, which is just "zsh".  The third tab should advance to the
second match in the list (which in my case is "zsh-5.0.2-dev-0").

It's possible (but unlikely) that something in your LS_COLORS is having
this effect.  Any change if you remove that first list-colors zstyle?

} I'm actually using 'xfce4-terminal' which seems not to have the '-hold' 

It's -H or --hold with two leading hyphens (there's your inconsistency
again ... X11/Xorg apps standardize on long names with a single hyphen,
other apps use the GNU convention of double hyphens).

} > Could be related to workers/34485, but you may not have directory write
} > permission to drop a core file in /usr/local/bin so you'll have to run
} > from inside gdb to get a stack trace.
} That's new territory for me, so I'll need a primer.

Should work to just do

	xfce4-terminal gdb /usr/local/bin/zsh-5.0.7-293-g0209635

and then at the "(gdb) " prompt, type "run".  Then when it crashes you'll
be back at the (gdb) prompt, type "where".

} Everything is fine with 'zsh -f'

That bypasses compinit and uses the old compctl, so not surprising.

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