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Re: PATCH: parse from even deeper in hell

> Apparently this message from Mikael didn't go to the list...

I made a draft last night before going to bed, and decided I was too
tired to send, apparently when I woke up I was still too tired to
check if I had set reply-to-all. :)

On Mon, Feb 23, 2015 at 11:11 AM, Peter Stephenson
<p.stephenson@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> > Mikael Magnusson <mikachu@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> I actually thought the patch in 34587 had fixed it, turns out I just
>> lost my --enable-zsh-debug flag. This patch doesn't fix it either
>> though, and I get a different set of errors every time I open a
>> terminal now, so that's fun. Which is to say it's all the same
>> wordsplit error, but it's printed for a different set of lines. Some
>> of them are the same though.
> Obviously, if you want to go down that route, you'll have to look at see
> what's up with those lines.  It seemed to work on the line you originall
> gave.
>> I noticed another thing from these errors too, they're printed also
>> when I exit zsh. There's not much point in lexing the history at
>> write-out time, is there?
> I can't remember what that is, but I've noticed it before and I have a
> vague feeling I looked and decided I wasn't going to look any more.

Okay, that sounds ominous enough for me to drop the idea.

>> I tried playing around with the code a bit. The thing that looks
>> suspicious to me is
>>     if (*ptr != Meta && imeta(*ptr)) {
>> Shouldn't they check ptr[0] and ptr[1] or so? I tried this,
>>     if ((ptr == lineptr || ptr[-1] != Meta) && imeta(ptr[0])) {
>> (in both places) but it didn't improve matters.
> No, the problem here isn't a standard one with Tok -> Meta + NonTok.
> It's that there's something that looks like Tok but isn't.  So we
> need to turn it into Meta + NonTok.  That's the second part of the
> test.  However imeta(*ptr) triggers if *ptr is Meta, which isn't what we
> want because in that case it means we've hit a correct Meta + NonTok
> sequence.
> One thing I didn't think I needed to do, but may have got wrong,
> is skip the byte after the Meta, i.e.
> if (*ptr == Meta)
>     ptr++;
> (which acts together with the existing increment).
> You could try that.
>> I tried the following instead of the for+if:
>>     unmetafy(lineptr, NULL);
>>     lineptr = metafy(lineptr, -1, META_USEHEAP);
>> and it gets rid of the errors, but it also causes insert-last-word to
>> do nothing. So maybe my whole theory is wrong.
> I'd be worried about doing that on every single line -- we already know
> HIST_LEX_WORDS can be very slow, which is the only reason it's an option
> (it's logically the right thing to do, modulo lex failures).
> However, it should be possible to combine that with the "remeta" check,
> i.e. see if the line needs it first, but not use the value of remeta,
> just whether it's non-zero, and then it becomes easy and not too
> intrusive --- and also safe about false positives.
> I don't see why this would cause failures later on, particularly ones
> apparently unrelated to the meta state of the string.

I figured out that when we assign lineptr after fiddling with it, we
also need to update start, it records the location of *lineptr on
entry to the function, and is used to calculate things later on. With
that addition, the unmetafy + metafy mostly works. insert-last-word
still gets "stuck" on words that came from the old metafication and
starts over from the end of history, leaving the old word in place.

Indeed fc -l lists this line differently still, even though it appears
correctly in zle.
10673* echo mp3info 好きになり\M-c\M-^Aい.mp3
10675* echo mp3info 好きになりたい.mp3

This is with the following code, which fixes(?) all the errors and
seems to make things work pretty well. However, even doing the remeta
unconditionally, I still get the above result with fc -l and
insert-last-word. It also happens, unsurprisingly, if I don't use
hist_lex_words. If I accept a line recalled in this way, the new
history entry is saved correctly and works fine in new shells.

    for (ptr = lineptr; *ptr; ptr++)
        if (*ptr != Meta && imeta(*ptr)) {
            remeta = 1;
    if (remeta) {
        unmetafy(lineptr, &remeta);
        start = lineptr = metafy(lineptr, remeta, META_USEHEAP);

Mikael Magnusson

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