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Re: Bug: ZSH crashes upon receiving SIGINT

On Mar 10, 10:06pm, John wrote:
} > we need to know what's going on here.
} I agree with you. Most of the arch-chroot script is over my
} head. I have linked it here if the code within is meaningful and
} if you have the time to read through it. It is only 309 lines:
} http://pastebin.com/yDyuqxqi

I took at look at this script.  The "unmount" is coming from the
exit trap of the bash process that starts the whole thing off.

So I *think* what's happening is:

Bash starts "unshare" which becomes the TTY process group leader.

Unshare starts zsh which does not make itself the process group leader
(see previous -workers list discussions of zsh executing inside PID
namespaces, of which "unshare" creates one).

The ^C therefore is delivered to "unshare" which exits, ending the
bash script and executing the trap, which removes the tty device.

This causes zsh to get I/O error and exit.

It's *possible* that this is already "fixed" in development versions
of zsh, though most of the PID namespace changes had to do with avoiding
being process group leader rather than forcibily becoming so.  It's also
not clear that this is actually zsh's problem; it seems to me that the
arch-chroot script and/or "unshare" are not doing things they should be.

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