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Re: Bug: ZSH crashes upon receiving SIGINT

> I took at look at this script.  The "unmount" is coming from the
> exit trap of the bash process that starts the whole thing off.
> So I *think* what's happening is:
> Bash starts "unshare" which becomes the TTY process group leader.
> Unshare starts zsh which does not make itself the process group leader
> (see previous -workers list discussions of zsh executing inside PID
> namespaces, of which "unshare" creates one).
> The ^C therefore is delivered to "unshare" which exits, ending the
> bash script and executing the trap, which removes the tty device.
> This causes zsh to get I/O error and exit.
> It's *possible* that this is already "fixed" in development 
> versions
> of zsh, though most of the PID namespace changes had to do with avoiding
> being process group leader rather than forcibily becoming so.  It's also
> not clear that this is actually zsh's problem; it seems to me that the
> arch-chroot script and/or "unshare" are not doing things they should 
> be.

Thank you for the reply.  Not too sure that I can add anything intelligent to the discussion, but I can confirm that the latest zsh from git ( does not fix this issue.

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