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[PATCH] make URLs in html/pdf docs clickable

This patch makes the URLs in html and pdf documents clickable.

I also updated the following URLs:

http://bazaar-vcs.org/         --> http://bazaar.canonical.com/
http://codeville.org/          --> http://freecode.com/projects/codeville/
http://subversion.tigris.org/  --> http://subversion.apache.org/

The following URLs seem to be broken but can't be updated:



 Doc/META-FAQ.yo      |  1 +
 Doc/Zsh/contrib.yo   | 28 ++++++++++++++--------------
 Doc/Zsh/ftp_sites.yo | 14 +++++++-------
 Doc/Zsh/manual.yo    |  6 +++---
 Doc/Zsh/metafaq.yo   | 14 +++++++-------
 Doc/Zsh/roadmap.yo   |  2 +-
 Doc/zman.yo          |  1 +
 Doc/ztexi.yo         |  1 +
 8 files changed, 35 insertions(+), 32 deletions(-)

diff --git a/Doc/META-FAQ.yo b/Doc/META-FAQ.yo
index bfdb76b..992844e 100644
--- a/Doc/META-FAQ.yo
+++ b/Doc/META-FAQ.yo
@@ -19,6 +19,7 @@ ARG1
diff --git a/Doc/Zsh/contrib.yo b/Doc/Zsh/contrib.yo
index 4f6c437..ab9e742 100644
--- a/Doc/Zsh/contrib.yo
+++ b/Doc/Zsh/contrib.yo
@@ -595,22 +595,22 @@ In order to do that, you may use the tt(vcs_info) function.
 The following VCSs are supported, showing the abbreviated name by which
 they are referred to within the system:
-sitem(Bazaar (tt(bzr)))(http://bazaar-vcs.org/)
-sitem(Codeville (tt(cdv)))(http://codeville.org/)
-sitem(Concurrent Versioning System (tt(cvs)))(http://www.nongnu.org/cvs/)
-sitem(Darcs (tt(darcs)))(http://darcs.net/)
-sitem(Fossil (tt(fossil)))(http://fossil-scm.org/)
-sitem(Git (tt(git)))(http://git-scm.com/)
-sitem(GNU arch (tt(tla)))(http://www.gnu.org/software/gnu-arch/)
-sitem(Mercurial (tt(hg)))(http://mercurial.selenic.com/)
-sitem(Monotone (tt(mtn)))(http://monotone.ca/)
-sitem(Perforce (tt(p4)))(http://www.perforce.com/)
-sitem(Subversion (tt(svn)))(http://subversion.tigris.org/)
-sitem(SVK (tt(svk)))(http://svk.bestpractical.com/)
+sitem(Bazaar (tt(bzr)))(uref(http://bazaar.canonical.com/))
+sitem(Codeville (tt(cdv)))(uref(http://freecode.com/projects/codeville/))
+sitem(Concurrent Versioning System (tt(cvs)))(uref(http://www.nongnu.org/cvs/))
+sitem(Darcs (tt(darcs)))(uref(http://darcs.net/))
+sitem(Fossil (tt(fossil)))(uref(http://fossil-scm.org/))
+sitem(Git (tt(git)))(uref(http://git-scm.com/))
+sitem(GNU arch (tt(tla)))(uref(http://www.gnu.org/software/gnu-arch/))
+sitem(Mercurial (tt(hg)))(uref(http://mercurial.selenic.com/))
+sitem(Monotone (tt(mtn)))(uref(http://monotone.ca/))
+sitem(Perforce (tt(p4)))(uref(http://www.perforce.com/))
+sitem(Subversion (tt(svn)))(uref(http://subversion.apache.org/))
+sitem(SVK (tt(svk)))(uref(http://svk.bestpractical.com/))
 There is also support for the patch management system tt(quilt)
-(http://savannah.nongnu.org/projects/quilt). See tt(Quilt Support)
+(uref(http://savannah.nongnu.org/projects/quilt)). See tt(Quilt Support)
 below for details.
 To load tt(vcs_info):
@@ -2061,7 +2061,7 @@ accented characters, the two keys are a base character followed by a code
 for the accent, while for other special characters the two characters
 together form a mnemonic for the character to be inserted.  The
 two-character codes are a subset of those given by RFC 1345 (see for
-example tt(http://www.faqs.org/rfcs/rfc1345.html)).
+example uref(http://www.faqs.org/rfcs/rfc1345.html)).
 The function may optionally be followed by up to two characters which
 replace one or both of the characters read from the keyboard; if both
diff --git a/Doc/Zsh/ftp_sites.yo b/Doc/Zsh/ftp_sites.yo
index 62c1bff..804d975 100644
--- a/Doc/Zsh/ftp_sites.yo
+++ b/Doc/Zsh/ftp_sites.yo
@@ -1,15 +1,15 @@
 item(Primary site)(
diff --git a/Doc/Zsh/manual.yo b/Doc/Zsh/manual.yo
index 11c8150..e0b0f14 100644
--- a/Doc/Zsh/manual.yo
+++ b/Doc/Zsh/manual.yo
@@ -185,16 +185,16 @@ produce a nicely formatted printed manual.
 item(The HTML manual)(
 An HTML version of this manual is available at the Zsh web site via:
 (The HTML version is produced with bf(texi2html), which may be obtained
-from tt(http://www.nongnu.org/texi2html/). The command is
+from uref(http://www.nongnu.org/texi2html/). The command is
 `tt(texi2html --output .  --ifinfo --split=chapter --node-files zsh.texi)'.
 If necessary, upgrade to version 1.78 of texi2html.)
 For those who do not have the necessary tools to process texinfo,
-precompiled documentation (PostScript, dvi, info and HTML formats)
+precompiled documentation (PostScript, dvi, PDF, info and HTML formats)
 is available from the zsh archive site or its mirrors, in the file
 tt(zsh-doc.tar.gz). (See noderef(Availability) for a list of sites.)
diff --git a/Doc/Zsh/metafaq.yo b/Doc/Zsh/metafaq.yo
index a005ca0..6cb299a 100644
--- a/Doc/Zsh/metafaq.yo
+++ b/Doc/Zsh/metafaq.yo
@@ -28,9 +28,9 @@ cindex(availability of zsh)
 The up-to-date source code is available via Git from Sourceforge.  See
-tt(http://sourceforge.net/projects/zsh/) for details.  A summary of
+uref(http://sourceforge.net/projects/zsh/) for details.  A summary of
 instructions for the archive can be found at
 texinode(Mailing Lists)(The Zsh FAQ)(Availability)(Introduction)
 sect(Mailing Lists)
@@ -75,18 +75,18 @@ maintained by Karsten Thygesen tt(<karthy@xxxxxxxxxx>).
 The mailing lists are archived; the archives can be accessed via the
 administrative addresses listed above.  There is also a hypertext
 archive, maintained by Geoff Wing tt(<gcw@xxxxxxx>), available at
 texinode(The Zsh FAQ)(The Zsh Web Page)(Mailing Lists)(Introduction)
 sect(The Zsh FAQ)
 Zsh has a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), maintained by
 Peter Stephenson tt(<pws@xxxxxxx>).  It is regularly posted to the
 newsgroup bf(comp.unix.shell) and the bf(zsh-announce) mailing list.
 The latest version can be found at any of the Zsh FTP sites, or at
-tt(http://www.zsh.org/FAQ/).  The contact address for FAQ-related matters
+uref(http://www.zsh.org/FAQ/).  The contact address for FAQ-related matters
 is tt(<faqmaster@xxxxxxx>).
 texinode(The Zsh Web Page)(The Zsh Userguide)(The Zsh FAQ)(Introduction)
 sect(The Zsh Web Page)
-Zsh has a web page which is located at tt(http://www.zsh.org/).  This is
+Zsh has a web page which is located at uref(http://www.zsh.org/).  This is
 maintained by Karsten Thygesen tt(<karthy@xxxxxxx>), of SunSITE Denmark.
 The contact address for web-related matters is tt(<webmaster@xxxxxxx>).
 texinode(The Zsh Userguide)(See Also)(The Zsh Web Page)(Introduction)
@@ -95,10 +95,10 @@ A userguide is currently in preparation.  It is intended to complement the
 manual, with explanations and hints on issues where the manual can be
 cabbalistic, hierographic, or downright mystifying (for example, the word
 `hierographic' does not exist).  It can be viewed in its current state at
-tt(http://zsh.sourceforge.net/Guide/).  At the time of writing, chapters
+uref(http://zsh.sourceforge.net/Guide/).  At the time of writing, chapters
 dealing with startup files and their contents and the new completion system
 were essentially complete.
 sect(The Zsh Wiki)
-A `wiki' website for zsh has been created at tt(http://www.zshwiki.org/).
+A `wiki' website for zsh has been created at uref(http://www.zshwiki.org/).
 This is a site which can be added to and modified directly by users without
 any special permission.  You can add your own zsh tips and configurations.
diff --git a/Doc/Zsh/roadmap.yo b/Doc/Zsh/roadmap.yo
index 6778489..bd064e2 100644
--- a/Doc/Zsh/roadmap.yo
+++ b/Doc/Zsh/roadmap.yo
@@ -49,7 +49,7 @@ The shell now supports the UTF-8 character set (and also others if
 supported by the operating system).  This is (mostly) handled transparently
 by the shell, but the degree of support in terminal emulators is variable.
 There is some discussion of this in the shell FAQ,
-http://zsh.dotsrc.org/FAQ/ .  Note in particular that for combining
+uref(http://www.zsh.org/FAQ/).  Note in particular that for combining
 characters to be handled the option tt(COMBINING_CHARS) needs to be set.
 Because the shell is now more sensitive to the definition of the
 character set, note that if you are upgrading from an older version of
diff --git a/Doc/zman.yo b/Doc/zman.yo
index 3329cb9..73cc186 100644
--- a/Doc/zman.yo
+++ b/Doc/zman.yo
@@ -32,6 +32,7 @@ COMMENT(--- emphasised text ---)
 COMMENT(--- man page headers ---)
diff --git a/Doc/ztexi.yo b/Doc/ztexi.yo
index 6368961..6995677 100644
--- a/Doc/ztexi.yo
+++ b/Doc/ztexi.yo
@@ -38,6 +38,7 @@ COMMENT(--- emphasised text ---)
 COMMENT(--- man page headers ---)
1.9.5 (Apple Git-50.3)

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