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Re: [PATCH] compdescribe fix for unsorted groups (workers/34814) (was: Re: completion: git: --fixup: problem with _describe -2V and duplicate commit subjects)

Bart Schaefer wrote on Mon, May 18, 2015 at 21:37:14 -0700:
> On May 19,  1:36am, Daniel Shahaf wrote:
> } Subject: Re: [PATCH] compdescribe fix for unsorted groups (workers/34814) 
> }
> } You tried to complete 'git checkout 1<TAB>'.  The bug reproduces when
> } I do 'git checkout <TAB>', i.e., space-tab, not space-digitone-tab.
> OK; I was just trying to repeat what you said in 35127:
> > I apply the first patch, Daniel Hahler's recent series, and the second
> > attached patch, and then try to complete 'git checkout 1<TAB>',¹ I get
> > first a screenful of hashes, and then a screenful of descriptions, and
> I now realize that you don't mean "a screenful of ######" but rather a
> screenful of git checksums.  I've been looking all this time for some
> sort of horrible memory scrambling that was filling your screen with
> garbage.  Sigh.

Sorry about the miscommunication.  I see my original phrasing was
ambiguous.  I don't understand why 35169 didn't resolve the ambiguity
(that post includes a verbatim copy of the garbled output).

> So ... 35127 deletes/disregards this comment:
> -    # Note: the after-the-colon part must be unique across the entire array;
> -    # see workers/34768
> It then proceeds to add two completions for each description.  The problem
> described in 34768 kicks in, and you get the results you observed.

The second patch in 35127 deliberately triggers the condition the
being-removed comment states is buggy, to prove that the first patch in
35127 fixes that particular bug.

The issue is now resolved; I'll write a separate email with details.
(Spoiler: 35127 is correct when applied on top of 35216.)

Again, sorry for the miscommunication, and thanks for the help.


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