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Re: bracketed paste mode in xterm and urxvt

On Jun 10,  2:28am, Oliver Kiddle wrote:
} This links it to a new BRACKETED_PASTE option. A concern with that
} approach is that if logic is needed in init_term() to disable the
} feature, the distinction between the user explicitly disabling the
} feature and init_term() doing it wouldn't be clear.

This sounds like the same dilemma that we had with ZLE_RPROMPT_INDENT,
which we addressed with a variable rather than an option.  This would
address several problems:  namespace (ZLE-specific stuff should really
stop leaking into the base shell options); a place to store the string
to use in case it turns out not to be the same for all terminal types;
and distinguishing among unset/set/empty/non-empty semantics.

So I'd vote for scrapping the setopt and adding a ZLE_BRACKETED_PASTE
variable instead.

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