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Re: zpty-related testsuite failures if building in a chroot on a host running systemd 220 as init system

On Jun 13,  6:01pm, Peter Stephenson wrote:
} I guess it would be possible to have a "broken posxix_openpt" test ---

Not at configure time -- that would result in the module being left
uncompiled, when in fact outside of the chroot it would work.

} we've done such things before.  But surely if it's possible for the
} system to fix posix_openpt, which must be how it's intended to work,
} we shouldn't need to test...?

I think the test failing here was exactly the right thing, as it led to
the origin of the problem being discovered.  The only viable alternative
would be to report the test as "skipped" which I guess would be OK for
the secondary tests that rely on zpty, but not for V08zpty itself.

I suppose the test suite could remember that V08 failed and therefore
skip X02 and all of Y, so as to isolate the problem better.  We could
add some sort of dependency check.

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